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Bird Sites
A Web directory for bird sites. We have many excellent bird sites. You'll find information on pet birds (e.g., finches, canaries, parrots, and more), wild birds, birding vacations, birding resources, and more.

The Bird Feeder
Designer bird feeders, bird tables and bird boxes from a reliable family-run business.

My Gouldian Aviary
How to colony raise the Gouldian finch in an outdoor garden aviary. A beautifully illustrated site that is family friendly and secure.

Aussie Birds Friendly Forum
A friendly bird forum where you can get advice on caring for pet birds, breeding, feeding, genetics, training tips, and more.

Birds Been Framed Topsites
We have bird sites to visit, and you can add your bird site.

Birds Been Framed
We have bird movies, photos, shops, games, and facts. SO JOIN THE FUN NOW!!!

Backyard Wild Birds
Wild bird feeder pole systems with bird feeders, bird feeder poles and squirrel stopper baffle protectors. Learn how to squirrel proof bird feeders and attract wild birds. Raccoon proof bird feeder poles with super baffles, let you enjoy feeding the birds.

Birds & Baby Birds at BirdChannel.com

Get the latest bird news, training tips, and articles from the editors of BIRD TALK magazine. See bird species profiles, the bird photo gallery and get bird adoption information. Take bird polls & quizzes, send bird e-cards and make your bird's own Webpage.

All Bird Cages - Presented by Birdscomfort.com
For your birds we offer the best selection of bird cages, bird carriers, bird stands, manzanita trees, bird toys, and bird cage covers.

Best Animal Sites: Birds
Find the best bird sites at the Best Animal Sites pet directory.

Helping birds find good homes.

This is an Australian forum for finch keepers.

Egg Incubator
Egg incubators for chicken, quails, duck, turkey, ostrich egg incubation from China manufacturer. We offer a collection of resources covering chicken incubation, quail incubation, duck incubation, turkey incubation, and other poultry species incubation.

Bird Shows.net
The Web's complete bird show calendar.

Bird Feeder Pole, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
100% guaranteed bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, bird seed and foods ... discounts on specials, clearance and overstocks.

Animal Corner
Animal facts and information from around the world, including pets, wildlife, marine and much more.

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